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Cara Setting Modem Axis

Cara setting modem Axis beserta Access Point-nya. Modem anda memakai varian kartu Axis tetapi masih belum tahu cara setting-nya? Jangan khawatir, Saran2 akan membantu anda menggunakan internet dari modem anda.

Versi simple:

Connection Name AXIS
Access Point Name (APN) AXIS
Username axis
Password 123456
Dial Number (untuk modem) *99#


Versi lengkap:

Connection Name AXIS
Data Bearer GPRS or PS
Access Point Name (APN) AXIS
Username axis
Prompt Password No
Password 123456
Authentication Normal
Gateway/Proxy IP Address
Gateway/Proxy Port 9201 or 8080
Connection Security Off
Session Mode Permanent


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